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Current Version: 1311
The Mod is STILL alive!
It's been a slow year for the mod, I haven't updated it since January in fact!

Well that has changed with the latest Embermage and Paladin overhauls! Huge patches this month with a lot more to follow.

The mod is alive and well, I am the only person working on it, as always, so sometimes things need a break. Now there will be steady progress towards finishing the Paladin, and Overhauling each of the Vanilla Tl2 classes!
Latest Videos
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Greatname is back with his epic first round in darknessfalls!
Greatname takes on Derinkuyu!
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Aberdoki has taken over again!
He wants to know why you haven't voted yet!

Planned Features
  • Stage 3 Darknessfalls: The Elemental Crypt.
  • Continuing to build upon the Ember Steps
  • Paladin to be reworked