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Current Version: 1044
Tier1 Loot is now droping!
That's right, Darknessfalls is now dropping loot! Soulstones and Souls were added to the bosses themselves today, and soon the treasures chests themselves will start dropping tier1 Mythical Armor!

I am working very hard to get this done within the next week or so, baring any catastrophes I will have our Tier1 stage1 loot during the second week in August.

Its been a long time in coming and the stage1 update represents over 1100+ files added to the game and months of work! Thank you to all the artists (sound, graphic) and devs who contributed to the process!
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Planned Features
  • Finishing of Darknessfalls the before and after quest lines!
  • Continuing to build upon the Ember Steps
  • Warlock, Paladin updates!